Guidelines Updated 04-19-2013

We are CLOSED to all submissions until further notice.

All information below this point is for archival reference only.

We do not accept Young Adult Titles in ANY genre.

Submissions are open for both Erotic Romance and Genre stories and books. Please check our guidelines often as they change as our needs for fiction change. If you bookmark our guidelines, use this page as the URLS for the erotic and genre guidelines may change as they are updated.

We are a royalties paying publisher and there are never any fees charged to our authors. We pay 40% of net, net being defined as any third party fees such as those charged by Paypal or 3rd party distributors.

To read our guidelines for erotic fiction go here.

To read our guidelines for non-erotic scifi, fantasy, horror, and mysteries go here.

General Editorial Guidelines are as follows:

Stories must be finished. No partials or proposals will be accepted.

Authors should send only one submission at a time.

No simultaneous submissions. Period. This means don't send your story to us and other publishers at the same time.

No Bestiality, this does not include weres or shapeshifters.

No necrophilia, this does not include vampires.

No Pedophilia! All characters must be 18 years or older, there are no excptions! Period!

No scat, golden showers or sharp or dangerous things put into bodily orifices.

No felching.

No snuff.

Sorry, but we cannot accept fanfiction, even if the characters are in the Public Domain.

Formatting your submission:

Times New Roman 12 pt, double spaced.

POV changes marked by two line spaces between one character's POV and the next. Scene changes should be marked with three centered asterisks.

No headers, footers or page numbers.

RTF files only. No wordpad or .doc files will be read.

Authors must include their real name along with a pen name if used, as well as their return email address.

Submissions should be sent as an attachment in RTF format, not pasted into the email.

We do not accept snail mail submissions.

All stories submitted, including novels, must be in a single file, not broken up into sections.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions. (Yes, I'm repeating this because we mean it.)

We no longer accept reprints of non-erotic novels or stories.

Send your submissions and queries to:

Submissions and please put Submission or Query (depending on which you are sending us) and the title of your story along with your last name (or pseudonym's last name) in your subject line or we might accidentally delete it as spam. If you do not hear back within 72 hours that we have received your submission please send a follow up query.

Examples: Submission-Trapped in Beauty-Barnette

Or: Query-Trapped in Beauty-Barnette

Send submissions or queries here.

Authors must be at least 18 years of age, or of a legal age to buy adult material in their state of residence. There are no exceptions.

Why submit to Shadowfire Press?

We are a royalties paying publisher. Payment to authors is 40% of net paid monthly, with no minimum before payment is made. We define 'net' as the balance of funds minus point of sale fees charged to us by our merchant services, or third party sales venues such as All Romance eBooks.

Authors work with our artists to create their cover art.

We edit all books submitted to us.

We provide your book's release date at the time the contract is signed.

Our contract is based on the EPIC model and is for two years. (Some anthologies or lesfic works may have 3 year contracts.)

There are never any fees charged to our authors.

We take only the rights we plan to utilize and have an escape clause that returns rights automatically should we go out of business or fail to publish your book in a timely manner. We define timely as within one year of the book or story being contracted.

We do not have a clause that allows us to sell your work as an 'asset' should the company be sold. Many publishers do.

Shadowfire Press has been in business since 2008 and our sales continue to grow.

Unlike many ebook publishers we don't sign on an endless parade of authors. We prefer to work with a smaller, carefully selected group of authors in order to help them grow their readership.

Thank you for your interest in Shadowfire Press, we look forward to reading your work.

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